People in York share concerns about dirty water

Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 6:23 PM CDT
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YORK, AL. (WTOK) - Many people in York say they are not able to shower or drink the water in their homes because of how murky it looks and the extreme odor.

Native, Marilyn Lucky Jones wants more for her hometown community.

“This has got to stop.” Jones said, “We as black people have to band together and get what we pay for. We are not asking you to give us anything. Just give me what I pay for. They pay water bills, and they pay bills just like everybody else. Just because I am a black person, don’t treat me.”

The problem many are facing is nearly identical to what residents experienced in 2009. The odor, the color and now unfortunately an increase in water bills.

Danny Bell is also a native of York. He says he is also being overcharged for his water.

“My bill should be $32. No more than $36.” Bell said, “Our water bill will be $100. Then you got the late fee to it which is $150. Some people have water bills $200.” The smell of rotten eggs filled Danny Bell’s home as he let the water run.

He and several neighbors say they have complained to their elected officials for years.

Jones says her 84-year-old mother lives in the same community as bell. Jones says it is frustrating to know her mom must live in poor living conditions with the water issues.

“My mom, she gets up every election in York and has someone carry her in her walker to put her vote in,” Jones said. “But she gets no service. None!” Many are desperately looking to the city for help.

Mayor Lake says to his knowledge, there are no water issues and there has not been a surge in water bills. He says people are charged based off their water meters.

“Our water here at city hall is crystal clear. The water at my house is crystal clear. I spoke with several business owners and residents and their water is also crystal clear,” Lake said. “So, this is the first time that I’ve heard about their being an issue with the water.”

Lake says the city has no hidden agenda.

“We’re trying to be very responsive as soon as we can with people’s concerns. But if you do not bring your concerns to us versus just directly going to the media, either that be the newspaper or WTOK, then we cannot address those,” Lake said. “We’re here to serve the people. We have no hidden agendas. We hope other people have no hidden agendas. Our goal is to provide the best service that we can. But we can’t address issues if they don’t bring them to us.”

Mayor Lake did not give us a clear answer as to why some people have murky water.

Lake does encourage people to place a work order for any water issues at city hall so officials can further investigate. You can call 205-392-5231.

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