LCSD updates school campuses

Published: Jul. 8, 2021 at 5:59 PM CDT
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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - School officials in Lauderdale County are working hard to finish the $10.5 million Efficiency and Security Plan this summer.

The plan includes installing LED retrofit lighting, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP, telephone upgrades), water conservations efforts, HVAC tune-ups, fencing, drop ceilings, accessibility ramps for people with compromised abilities, window glazing and window replacements.

The major change people will see will be at the Clarkdale campus. The district is updating the school’s entrance. The main office will be moved to the front of the school. The district said the previous office location was a safety issue.

This new location will create a new car line route. Parents, students and visitors will enter through the front office instead of walking through campus.

“Everyone is thrilled. New construction. That always brings new beginnings and everyone is excited. Parents are excited, teachers are excited and our administration and teachers are as well,” said Clarkdale Elementary Assistant Principal Emily Lee.

“We also have a Raptor system where we check driver’s license to make sure that there’s no one that’s not supposed to be on our campuses are allowed to get on our campuses. And then with all these checkpoints and different levels of security, that way we can allow people to come on our campuses and control where they go, when they go and how they get on campuses,” said LCSD Director of Operations Kevin Cheatham.

The school district is also working with county supervisors. They’ll team up to install 400 solar panels at Northeast Middle School.

Lauderdale County Schools will be one of the first in Mississippi to utilize solar power at this size and scope once the project is complete.

The improvements are part of the American Rescue and Recovery Plan. All phases should be completed by the new school year.

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