Reconciliation Week: Remaining resilient

“Remaining Resilient for Reconciliation”
Published: Jul. 9, 2021 at 10:55 AM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Local ministers and community leaders gathered to pray for the nation and the state of Mississippi Friday at the Annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.

“Remaining Resilient for Reconciliation” was the theme this year.

Committee chair, Stacey Miller says there’s power in prayer.

“There are a lot of challenges we are facing in our nation, state, city and we want our pastors to be the leaders and come out and pray for our community and political leaders,” Miller said.

Community members gathered for a panel discussion centered around racial reconciliation and prayers in remembrance of the 2003 Lockheed Martin shooting victims.

Executive Pastor of Northcrest Baptist Church, Wade Phillips, says Friday’s event was powerful. He believes it is important to bring cultures together for a better understanding.

“To be able to see because of what God has done for us and Jesus—he’s reconciled us to one another,” Phillips said. “Because he has done that, we ought to be able to get along with our brothers and sisters of different races and backgrounds. So, that is what it is to me. To be able to see that I have been reconciled to God, so I ought to be reconciled to my brother.”

Rev. Eugene Boger with St. Paul United Methodist Church says he was inspired by the unity and diversity at the prayer breakfast. He quoted James Baldwin, “If you can’t confront it, you can’t change it.”

“We have to take ownership of the fact that racism exists. That discrimination exists. We cannot continue to act like it is a thing of the past,” Boger said. “The longer we act like it’s an event of the past, it’s a static event form the 17th and 18th century, we will never begin to address its current realities.”

Local ministers also prayed for Mayor Jimmie Smith as he leads the city of Meridian. Smith did not attend the event due to a minor medical procedure.

See below for the full list of events:

  • Saturday, July 10th @11:0am- Reconciliation ride led by Queen City Cruisers at Lockheed Martin to Downtown Meridian, 11:30 am to Forest Lawn Cemetery.
  • Sunday, July 11th- Reconciliation Sunday- Pastors encouraged to lead their congregation’s prayer for reconciliation.

For more information, Contact Stacey Miller at or visit their Facebook page: RWC/Reconciliation Week Celebration.

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