Pets being left for dead in Lauderdale County

Local group rescued over 700 dogs in 1 year
Published: Jul. 12, 2021 at 6:58 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Hundreds of animals have been dumped on roads across Lauderdale County this year. The latest crime happened over the weekend on Causeyville Road near Highway 45.

Dogs and cats abandoned on the side of the road dumped and left to die.
Dogs and cats abandoned on the side of the road dumped and left to die. (WTOK)
Dog face
Dog face(WTOK)

These dogs have all been rescued from horrible situations. They were either dumped on the side of a road, thrown in dumpsters, or put in trash bags and left in the woods. A local group, Roadside Rescue Network, is helping. Its mission is to rescue abandoned pets and find them foster homes.

“It is a big problem locally that we noticed. I understand that folks have litters that they can’t care for. They don’t take responsibility for them and they make it someone else’s problem,” said group member Molly Cosby.

The group said a puppy was recently abandoned, then attacked by a German Shepherd.

The attack was brutal; the puppy will never be able to walk again. The little puppy, however, is a fighter.

One dog called Nala was found on Old Causeyville Road Friday night. Nala waited for her owners to return, but they never came. Nala just waited until a stranger rescued her and gave her a home.

“The dog was found by a good Samaritan who has taken the dog in. They have taken the dog to get flea medicine, a bath and named her Nala,” said Cosby.

The group said there are a number of issues when it comes to abandoning pets.

“A lot of the dogs have intestinal parasites causing their bellies to be full of worms and their ribs are showing. A lot of the dogs have mange so they are missing lots of hair. More than one dog has been thrown out of the window so they have road rash or broken bones. The driver barely slowed down as the driver tossed the dog out the window,” said Cosby.

The group rescued over 200 dogs just in 6 months. In all, more than 700 dogs were rescued in a year.

“Most of the animals we find are heartworm positive which runs $500 to $800 to treat them. We spay, neuter. We vet them, and we find them foster homes. This is what we are desperate for and we cannot do it alone. We have about 30 in foster homes. We need many more foster homes. We bring fully vetted to your home. They are not contagious. We will supply crates, food,” said group member Sharon Moore.

Animal advocates said they cannot keep up with the number of dumped dogs. Donations and volunteers, however, can help stop this serious problem.

If you’d like to help this local group, visit its Facebook page at Roadside Rescue Network for more information.

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