Intense heat will bake us late this week, but first.... more rain

After more showers and storms on Wednesday, we're going to turn up the heat to full on summer!
After more showers and storms on Wednesday, we're going to turn up the heat to full on summer!(WTOK)
Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 10:57 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Our weather story is going to do a hard about-face during what’s left of our week. The story will change from the potential for showers and storms to some of the hottest air of the summer so far.

Scorching Heat On The Way

The heat is the new piece to this story. Some heat-breaking showers will keep things in check on Wednesday for at least some of us. We will still manage to warm into the mid-90s before any showers and storms form. Then Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the temperatures creep closer to the century mark on the thermometer. The other half of the heat story is the high humidity that, when combined with temperatures up around 97-98 degrees, can yield heat index values of 105-110 degrees.

Heat Safety

Remember to be safe. Limit your time outdoors as much as possible. When you have to be outside, go easy and don’t overdo it. Drink plenty of water and the occasional sports drinks and keep the shade as much as possible. Save the heaviest work for the earliest part of the morning or the evening. The most dangerous heat will occur between about 10 AM and 6 PM each day. Be especially cautious about leaving pets or children inside a vehicle. The temperature inside a car can get hot enough to literally bake an oven pizza. Leaving any living thing in the car in this heat is extremely dangerous and often deadly. Don’t do it. Not even for a few minutes.

For perspective, if the outdoor temperature is 70 degrees, the inside of your car can reach 100 degrees in just over 20 minutes. At an outdoor temperature of 80 degrees, the inside of your car takes 11 minutes to reach 100 degrees. At 90 degrees outdoors, your car warms inside to a dangerous 109 degrees in just ten minutes and to 120 degrees in less than 20 minutes. We’ll be hotter than this.

Our Next 24 Hours

Over the next 24 hours, we will offer some showers and storms to help tame the heat. Some showers and thunderstorms are possible tonight. Rain can fall heavily. Otherwise, tonight will be mostly cloudy. The low temperature will be near 75 degrees. Wednesday will be partly to mostly cloudy with spotty to scattered showers and thunderstorms. Rain can fall heavily at times. Again, it may be that not all areas will get rain. The high temperature will be as high as 94 degrees. The heat index can be 100-105 degrees.

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