Forging COVID-19 vaccination cards a federal offense

Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 5:25 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Fake COVID 19 vaccination cards are a hot topic at Quality Cuts Barbershop in Meridian. Law enforcement agencies in cities across the U.S. are investigating new reports every week of people making or buying fake vaccination cards.

It’s a federal crime to make or buy a bogus vaccination card. We asked the gentlemen at Quality Cuts Barbershop about the crime. Their answers shocked us.

“I was almost forced to get one myself to go to the Saints and Green Bay game. I don’t think it is right for a man to have to live, he worked all his life 20 years on the job. Now, if you don’t have a vaccine card, we aren’t going to let you go tomorrow or you go get the vaccine. That is not fair,” said Lavonsea Holmes, who owns Quality Cuts.

“I am for forging if you want to continue living and not be held back. If you are against vaccination and still want to do things, get a forged card,” said Kajuan Boyd.

The vaccination cards are easily duplicated and counterfeited by people who don’t want to get vaccinated.

“My thought is that I find it hard to believe something as simple as getting a vaccine, that is free, to go through all the trouble to get a forged vaccine card. It is way more trouble and timely to get a forged vaccine card than it is just to go and get the vaccine,” said Anderson Chief Medical Officer Dr. Keith Everett. “It is a federal crime that can involve both a fine and jail time if you are caught and convicted of forging any information related to the vaccines on a vaccine card. The cards are issued by the United States government through the CDC.”

Everett said the card is not the only thing that shares if you are vaccinated.

“You should have a record of your vaccination on your personal card. It should be a record of the same information of the vaccine, date, which vaccine was given, and the lock number of the vaccine. It all should be recorded at the site,” said Dr. Everett.

He also encourages people to not share pictures of their vaccine card publicly.

“It’s tempting to take a picture of your card, just for storage, and that’s fine. But you shouldn’t share any pictures through texting or social. It can be taken and copied,” said Everett.

The problem could only get worse after President Biden’s executive order, which requires companies with more than 100 or more employees to make sure their employees are vaccinated or get tested weekly.

Many cities now require a vaccination card to get into concerts, sporting venues, movie theaters and restaurants.

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