One-stop food truck park slated for downtown Meridian

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 5:16 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The Culinary Park in Meridian is the new home for a food truck park where people will be able to enjoy their favorite meals on wheels. Local business owner, Jimmy Copeland, is making this possible with the goal of bringing more activity to the African American District in downtown Meridian.

The Culinary Park is located at 2401 5th Street and will accommodate six food trucks.

“The food truck industry is growing in America right now. If we noticed in Meridian, food trucks are all around the area. The problem is that they can’t just park in any business and sell food. We thought about having a place where they can all locate and be at one place at one time. The disappointment is that you can get your favorite food at a food truck – it be wonderful food, but you can’t find them again for months to come. To have it in one location and in the time you go get it whenever you want will be idea for the city of Meridian,” said Copeland.

Copeland said the idea came about when he noticed several food trucks parked in different areas in Meridian.

“We got the idea about two years ago. We started looking for an area in downtown that we can purchase. We brought these lots here. We didn’t want to have the food truck too big because it is still in the city of downtown Meridian,” said Copeland.

He said it had to be a simple way to get them all together. So he created a one-stop-shop for a food truck feast.

“We have it set up so we can have 6 food trucks or trailers here depending on the size of the truck. We also went through the process of installing electric service here so each truck can have their own meter and provide their own electric service if they need it,” said Copeland.

He said it will bring food trucks together to connect with foodies and families. He also relieves a limited offer for the selected food trucks.

“From now to January of 2022, we are going to allow you to park here for free. We are trying to create some walking environment in downtown Meridian and some excitement,” said Copeland.

Copeland also said he’s aiming to bring more activity back to the African American District.

“The African American District was a perfect location. It has been going down for the last few years, and we are trying to build it back up. It started with The Ruins, which came to be a project that is unique in its scope. It turned out to be a great success. This is our next venue here that we are trying to get together. It is in walking distance of the Mississippi State University, governor workers, banks, and a lot of different,” said Copeland.

Contact Copeland at 601-692-3555 if you would like your food truck to be part of this venture.

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