Dr. Hank Bounds advising Lauderdale County Schools on best practices

Published: Sep. 20, 2021 at 3:07 PM CDT
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The Lauderdale County School District had a special visitor on its campuses Monday.

Dr. Hank Bounds, the former State Superintendent for the Mississippi Department of Education is touring the schools and advising administrators on best practices involving a wide range of subjects and activities.

Bounds says teaching students time management skills in times of COVID is a top priority.

”We know that students across this country have lost lots of time in the classroom,” said Bounds, who currently lives in Alabama and does consulting work. “We also know from the research that time on task is one of the best indicators of student success. Thinking about how they use every possible second and even try to gain time so that we start catching up some of the lost learning that has occurred over the past year.”

Bounds is also the former Commissioner for the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning and President of the University of Nebraska.

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