Flash Flooding emergencies are rare

Flash Flood warning
Flash Flood warning(wtok)
Published: Oct. 7, 2021 at 1:14 PM CDT
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According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, flooding kills more people than tornadoes, hurricanes, or lightning each year. Flash flooding is particularly dangerous because it can happen quickly leaving you little time to get to higher ground.

Flash Flood Emergency
Flash Flood Emergency(wtok)

Life-threatening flooding took place around the Birmingham area on Wednesday. Just after 7PM CDT, the National Weather Service issued a Flash Flood Warning. At 8:44PM CDT, they issued a Flash Flood Emergency. Rainfall estimates generally ranging from 5-10 inches fell around the Birmingham area within a short time-frame. That’s definitely a recipe for flash flooding which happens when you have heavy or excessive rain falling in a short amount of time (usually less than 6 hours).

However, it is very rare for the NWS to issue a Flash Flood Emergency. It only happens when a “severe threat to human life” from flash flooding or “catastrophic damage” is imminent. This was definitely the case with the Birmingham event.

No one ever wants to be threatened with flash flooding, but it’s a good time to go over preparedness tips:

1. Never ever drive over a flooded road. You never know the condition of the road under the water nor the water’s depth.

2. If you’re on a road that’s starting to flood, and the vehicle stalls... you want to abandon it immediately.

3. Move to higher ground if flooding threatens your home.

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