Master storyteller holds workshop at Mississippi Children’s Museum - Meridian

Published: Oct. 10, 2021 at 7:53 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Storytelling has been a way for people to connect for thousands of years. But, it’s more than just a source of entertainment, it’s an art form. Terrence Roberts has loved telling stories his whole life, and today he spent his time at the Mississippi Children’s Museum in Meridian to give kids some helpful tips on how to tell a good story.

“Today, I’m just going to share a little bit about the art of storytelling and kind of share some of the tools to be a great storyteller. So whether it’s for the kids, the parents, the grandparents, I’m just going to teach some of the little things on how to tell a great story,” said Roberts.

Roberts hopes that people start using stories as more than just campfire activities. He says that telling your kids stories is the best way for them to learn.

“Storytelling is so much fun. It’s the way that we learn. Our minds are actually designed to learn through story, for some reason or another we stopped teaching through story and started doing a very institutionalized way of teaching. If we go back and teach our kids stories, they learn the lessons and they learn critical thinking skills, which will help them all throughout life.”

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