Construction nears for bridge on Lizelia Rd.

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 4:36 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Lauderdale County says it’s inching closer to the construction of a new bridge in a heavily traveled part of the county. The bridge on Lizelia Rd. has been closed for seven months now.

The bidding process for the bridge replacement project could start next week.

“I anticipate the board approving the advertising for bids on the bridge constructions,” Road Manager and County Engineer Rush Mayatt said. “We finally got all the blessings needed from state aid to move forward on this.”

The county has completed much of the work needed before construction. Right now, they are waiting on the city of Meridian to complete its bidding process to move a pipe next to the current bridge. Bids should be back by next Wednesday, October 20.

“They are going to relocate a 16 inch sewer main that is routed from the navy base to Marion. Of course, that has to be completed before bridge work or bridge construction,” Mayatt said.

The Federal Highway Administration deemed the bridge unsafe in April of this year. The county immediately started the ball rolling to replace it, but that takes time. Mayatt estimates that the construction of the new bridge will take around 120 days from the time they begin.

“Usually the bridge construction is the fastest part of the project. It’s the hoops you have to jump through that take so long,” Mayatt said.

The new bridge will be constructed several feet to the side of this one. That will help straighten out the curve. That particular section of Lizelia Rd. can see around 2,400 cars per day. A lot of people are eager to see this area reopened.

“We are just trying to our best to move this thing forward, get it replaced and get this road back open,” Mayatt said.

The closed bridge on Marion Dr. will also see some updates in the near future. Meanwhile, a bridge was closed just this week on Richard Johnson Rd.

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