Parents of injured student take legal action

Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 6:08 PM CDT
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NEWTON, Miss. (WTOK) - It has been three weeks since the shooting at Newton Elementary when 6-year-old Tylin Parker was shot in the leg. His family is now taking legal action against the school and Newton Police Department.

Tylin Parker was shot in the leg at Newton Elementary in what police said was an accidental discharge from a gun in another student’s backpack

“We need a better school system; we need a better police department. I feel like they failed Tylin. They’re failing the city of Newton. They’re there to protect the kids. The police department is there to protect the community. When you can’t protect the kids, you can’t protect the community. I mean what purpose are you serving?” said Tylin’s mother, Antoinette Evans.

Newton Police Chief Randy Patrick said no charges will be brought against the parents after the investigation concluded that the parents did not knowingly and willingly contribute to the delinquency of a minor.

Evans said she heard that no charges would be filed from a story Chief Patrick did with a local newspaper, not from the chief himself.

“It’s very disturbing, you know, that I had to read about that in the newspaper and they never contacted me to tell me that situation. My son is the victim. So I feel like me and my husband and my son’s father should have known that first. I also contacted the school to see who would be held responsible for Tylin’s medical bills and the superintendent told me she didn’t know. Even though he was hurt inside of a classroom,” said Evans.

Evans said she is taking legal action against the Newton Municipal School District and the Newton Police Department, saying someone has to be held responsible for a child bringing a loaded gun to school.

“Parents, we have to stick together. Come together. We have to do something about this because it could have been someone else’s child and it still can happen again because no changes are being made. They’re not even saying anything about changes that they are going to make to the school system,” said Evans.

Evans said she withdrew both Tylin and her daughter from the Newton Municipal School District and is homeschooling them. Evans said she will not stop fighting until something is done.

Newscenter 11 asked the superintendent for a comment, and she declined.

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