Man voices Meridian violence concerns through poetry

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 7:23 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - According to some, the city of Meridian is in the grips of a gun violence crisis. One Meridian man is voicing his concerns through poetry.

Poem: “But tonight another young brother lay dying in the dark, and tomorrow two mothers’ hearts will die. It didn’t have to be it should have never have been,” said MSU Meridian Instructor Edward Lynch.

Lynch said it’s a cry out for the violence to stop in his city.

Poem: “One night sure he too will lay somewhere dying in the dark. His mother’s heart will die yet again. If our young adults aren’t weary and wake up all too soon. Too many of them will find themselves somewhere outlined in white chalk and board in yellow tape as they too lay somewhere dying in the dark,” said Lynch.

“Oftentimes, I get people to listen to the poetry when they won’t listen to anything else. Hopefully, it resonates with some people and particularly young people. I know it will with parents and people who are losing their children,” said Lynch.

Lynch wrote a poem called ‘Dying in the Dark’. It’s about mothers losing their sons due to gun violence in Meridian.

“I had an incident where a friend of mine lost her son to violence. I had a casual conversation with her about that. One day I sat down pondering the things of the conversation I had with this child’s mother, some of the things I was seeing in the community, my concerns with my son as well as other children,” said Lynch.

Poem: “But somewhere chastising was confused with abuse the rod was spared and the child was spoiled. Now all society pays a heavy price.”

Lynch said it will take the whole community to help stop the increase of homicides in Meridian.

“This thing has gotten totally out of hand. What’s it’s going to take – it going take more than more than one person or two people. It is going to take more than the parents that are being directly affected. It’s going to take the entire community,” said Lynch.

We spoke with a mother that said she resonates with Lynch’s poem because lost her son due to gun violence.

“To be gone like gone forever – that’s a hard thought process. To deal with that, that’s very heartbreaking, and that person is actually to a family,” said Sarah Smith.

Lynch said we will continue to express concerns about Meridian through his poetry. He also encourages people to take action in making Meridian better.

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