Police and local business react to issue of downtown safety

Published: Oct. 28, 2021 at 4:45 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - There has been uneasiness around downtown events after a shot was fired near Weidmann’s this week and a recent run of violence in the city is fresh on people’s minds.

“I wouldn’t let that isolated incident scare you or deter you from coming out to any of our events downtown where there is a very heavy police presence. Our big events are safe,” said Meridian Police Department public information officer, Sgt. Heather Leubbers.

Leubbers said MPD works closely with event organizers to determine how many officers they need and where they will be most effective. She said she was at the Candy Crawl Tuesday with her family and that the police presence was a big success.

Downtown businesses find themselves in the middle of large events and are also under police protection.

“The one time that I’ve had to make a call, they responded very quickly and responded to the issue we called about,” said Jerome Trahan, general manager of Threefoot Brewing Company.

Big or small, moving forward, it’s up to MPD and the city to continue to ensure the safety of all events.

“We’re working on the camera system; that’s part of it. And we’re working with the police department to increase the patrol,” Mayor Smith said.

“I’m confident the administration, the police department, and the city are doing everything they can,” Trahan said.

The next big event to come downtown will be the Day of the Dead celebration Saturday.

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