ECCC offers Diesel Equipment Technology Program in Philadelphia since 2019

Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 12:05 PM CST
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When most of us think of college or junior college courses, we probably think about the traditional classroom setting with teachers and textbooks.

However, during these times, students are being offered a much wider range of opportunities, including on-line learning along with career and technical education.

One type of those programs is the diesel equipment technology course offered by East Central Community College. It’s a one-year program offered at the old U.S. Motors Plant located in Philadelphia.

”Through that, this is not your typical academic books,” said Scott Hale, Diesel Instructor at ECCC. “This is more about getting ready to go to work and having the ability to enter a field that’s in high demand right now. The world of diesel mechanics is a world of very, very demand employment demanding it. There’s not much people to fill the jobs so right now this is a very lucrative for young men to go into.”

“Well, what got me into four years ago is I wanted to go into this program,” said Eddie Tyson, a student in the program. “But me having kids, I put it off. The opportunity came back around once my kids got older and I took over the attendance program. It’s never too to late to go back right? It’s never too late. Whenever you decide what you want to do in life. Set your mind to it and work for it.”

The Diesel Equipment Technology Program has been offered at East Central since the Fall of 2019.

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