Hail State Paint up squad represents Bulldogs loud and proud every home game of the season

Hail State Paint Up Squad
Hail State Paint Up Squad(WTOK)
Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 5:37 PM CST
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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WTOK) - They are known as the rowdiest group on campus.

“Just the best way to support our dawgs,” said Alex Crow, paint up crew member. “There’s no other way to go to a football game than to stand shirtless in the cold and yell.”

The Hail State Paint Up Squad rings their cowbells and cheers in the front row of every home game in Davis Wade Stadium. They sit in the north endzone and are always in the front row and are always the first in the stadium.

Paint up squad member Jack Parr said, “Originally we had to go to get the front row seats but now actually we have it reserved. But out of tradition we just always have to be the first ones here.”

The paint up crew got started back in 2014 by a group of roommates and has now grown into an unofficial official school organization. While they are spontaneous, there is a strategic plan to the whole operation.

But no matter the weather the squad is always shirtless and ready to represent.

Paint up crew leader, Jack Adamski said, “We are hot and ready to go. This? This is just formal attire. Nothing about the weather is going to stave us off from supporting our boys.”

Every week the process starts by counting up the guys and seeing how many there are. Next comes figuring out what they are going to spell out.

Parr said, “We don’t really even discuss what we are going to paint until we are in the stadium, people might spit ideas out in the line but its not normally picked until you know, we start painting.”

Anyone is allowed to join the paint up crew but there are a few rule.

Adamski said, “Obviously you have to stay the whole game uh you have to commit yourself to at least five games a season and when you debut you will NOT be a critical letter in case you are not actually committed.

Bringing students together every Saturday and attracting a ton of attention, but this group really just supports and welcomes everyone.

Paint Up Squad member, Taylor Essary, said, “One thing I love, that’s kid of weird for me is like its so body positive, like everyone has different bodies. Different body shapes just a little boost of confidence a little way to have fun.”

The crew draws quite a bit of attention. At first, senior Morgan Penrod, just wanted to help the crew make sure their letters looked good. And now she dedicates all her pre-games to making sure the guys are painted perfectly!

Penrod said, “I mean they’re just the rowdies guys on campus and uh I’ve been doing this since I was a freshman and I noticed that like some of their lines weren’t like really clean so its just a fun way for me to spend my time before the game is happening and these guys are really fun to hang out with.”

The Egg Bowl will be the season finale for the Paint Up Crew but they have plans to try and head to a bowl game to support the Bulldogs one more time this season.

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