First Responders: Sgt. C.J. Jimison prepares to retire

Published: Dec. 12, 2021 at 7:14 PM CST
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MARION, Miss. (WTOK) - Everyone seems to know Sgt. C.J. Jimison and his dedication to law enforcement.

“After I retired from the city I thought that was it for me,” Sgt. C.J. Jimison said

He was in the military for 26 years. He’s been an officer for the past 34 years.

“This was something I was interested in doing,” Jimison explained. “I used to play cowboys and Indians as I was growing up. I figured if I could do something to benefit the community, then I could use that talent out here on the streets.”

In 2016, Jimison said he was going to retire. We had the chance to ride along before that happened. In fact, Sgt. Jimison was our fourth First Responder. He did retire, but that didn’t last long.

“I lost my wife during that timeframe and I needed something to keep myself occupied. This is what I knew. I did what I knew to kind of give myself some relief,” Jimison said.

Now that 2021 is coming to a close, Jimison said it’s time for him to retire again.

“I got a six-year-old granddaughter I’m trying to raise. I’m also having some trouble with my health. I’d rather do something now to get that on track to keep from not being able to function if something comes up,” Jimison said. “I figured that now is the time for me to start making preparations to get that done. Once I get that established, I might decide to come back.”

“This might be retirement, but it just might not be a 100 percent thing. It might be a 99.9. That .01 percent I’m going to dedicate to Chief Davis,”

Jimison says that Chief Randall Davis convinced him to work in Marion for at least three years. Those three years are up. He says he’s loved it in Marion.

“This is a real nice environment to work in. We don’t have a large volume of crimes,” Jimison said. “Every once and a while you might get a hot call, but it’s rare that you get it. We stay so visible out here that the community knows we’re coming.”

So, whether this is it for Jimison’s career or not, it’s been a long and dedicated tenure in law enforcement for someone that’s all about serving and protecting the community.

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