First Responders: Butler Investigator Detric Causey

Published: Dec. 19, 2021 at 5:41 PM CST
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BUTLER, Ala. (WTOK) - In our latest First Responders, we head down Highway 19 S. to Butler to meet Detric Causey.

“I like to leave people thinking that when they meet me that they’re better off than when I found them,” Causey said.

Detric Causey is an investigator with the Butler Police Department. He’s been on the force since 2014.

“I love the chance to get out and talk and see how things are going with people,” Causey said. “I enjoy that most of all. The investigating part comes with the job, but I enjoy working with the community mostly.”

He began his life of service in 2005 when he joined the United States Marines.

“In 2006 I did my first deployment. I went to Haditha, Iraq and spent seven months over there,” Causey said.

He was also deployed to Fallujah. He left the Marines in 2013.

“I got out of the military and started working as a correctional officer and tried to get into some kind of security company or firm,” Causey said. “I bumped into the chief one day and he asked me if I ever thought about becoming a police officer.”

Causey married his wife in 2006. She didn’t like it when he was in the Marines, but now that he’s at home, everything is just fine.

“My kids tend to love my job. I think they get more perks out of it than I do. Just being out and helping people,” Causey said.

I asked Causey when he wanted to leave law enforcement and he said he will never retire.

“When I started this job and got into it and understanding the type of cop I wanted to be I never thought about retirement. As long as I can help someone, I will help them,” Causey explained.

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