Gas prices remain at record highs in Mississippi

Published: May. 19, 2022 at 11:05 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The cost for a gallon of gas is continuing to go up and up and up.

We are at a historic high here in Mississippi, with gas at roughly $4.17 a gallon.

Experts predict we’ll continue seeing these kinds of prices and continue digging deep into our pockets for gas as the summer months are approaching.

But despite the high prices, AAA doesn’t expect that to impact summer travels.

Mississippians have been feeling pain at the pumps for a while — a pain that’s growing sharper and sharper.

“We are about 44 cents higher than we were just a month ago, more than a dollar, almost $1.50 more a gallon than we were this time last year,” said Don Redman with AAA.

He says this is the highest gas has ever been in Mississippi, and we could set another record for high fuel costs before the summer is out.

However, he doesn’t think that will cause people to cancel any travel plans that are already in place.

“Most people who have made their plans, whether it’s going to Tennessee or to Florida, or whatever their summer plans, probably have already locked into that,” said Redman. “Now, where you might see plans change are those who haven’t really locked in a plan. Like, well, I think I’ll do something this July, and they don’t know what that something is.”

Right now, Redman says he’s not certain if the expensive gas prices are causing people to cut back on their spending in other places.

But he’s not going to be surprised if or when it happens.

“Between groceries and gasoline, the cost for most average families are now about $90-$150 more a month than previously,” said Redman. “You’ve got to make that up somewhere, and it’s not that easy. There’s not a money tree in most people’s backyard, so it’s definitely going to impact the family budget, and they’re going to cut back in other areas.”

Although gas prices are as high as they’ve ever been here in the state, Redman says he doesn’t expect it to impact tourism for Memorial Day.

In fact, he says AAA is expecting to see a six percent increase in the number of travelers hitting the road this year compared to last year.

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