World Changers are back in Meridian

Published: Jun. 8, 2022 at 5:45 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - World Changers has made a return to Meridian to provide some much-needed assistance. World Changers is a national organization that is dedicated to helping out people in need. It is a summer camp that brings high school students from churches across the country to complete mission projects that help the community around them.

“This is kind of the first year we have actually had World Changers to come back to Meridian for several years. They have been able to be an ongoing partnership with the Lauderdale Baptist Association and this year we have currently ten projects going on,” said site coordinator, John Maxey.

They also have a partnership with the local Habitat for Humanity. These two groups are able to work together to find places that are in desperate need of help.

“Habitat is a small number of us, so we just need the community involved. We need help. And so, World Changers, we just thank and appreciate them willing to come in and give us the help that we need,” said Habitat for Humanity representative, Celisa Coleman.

Being a part of World Changers is a way for high school students to come out and help the community. Many of these students are from out of state, and all come together to help the cities that need it most.

“Well, this house we got here needed new paint, painted on the trim, new trims, new boards. We had to fix the back door, tear down the back porch, and we are replacing some of the boards back there so,” said high school volunteer, Brody Maxwell.

Students are also here to do more than just fix houses, but also to share what they believe to be more important than anything else.

“It means a lot to me. I mean, we get to share the Gospel while we are doing it and we are getting to fix and help people like we need to,” said high school volunteer, Jacie Brown.

World Changers provides help across the nation and will work in 20 other locations in addition to the Queen City.

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