Brittany Jones balloon releasing memorial

Balloon release at Brittany Jones memorial
Balloon release at Brittany Jones memorial(WTOK)
Published: Jun. 16, 2022 at 6:40 PM CDT
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Thursday afternoon at North Pointe Health and Rehabilitation Center a memorial ceremony was held for Brittany Jones.  Brittany was a loving and caring person who was always there when she was needed.  She was loved by everyone around her and when the news of her passing came about, her family and friends were shocked.

“I was hurt because I knew that she was so happy and we were looking forward to different things, her birthday the wedding her children so it bothered me, it just hurt,” said Brittany’s close friend, Heather Viverette.

The legacy Brittany left behind was nothing but happiness.  From family to co-workers she only left people feeling better about themselves and really made them happier.  People were there to celebrate the life that Brittany once lead for others.

“Everyone is here to remember the good times it’s more of a remembrance of who she was how great she was how happy and kind and sweet she was just to kind of remember her as before,” said Brittany’s co-worker, Elizabeth.

Brittany was a mother to four children, and she was also pregnant when she was killed.  Brittany was an amazing mother to her children, and she led by example.  Her children were there to remember their mother and relive the times they had when she was still with them.

“She was my inspiration.  She was the reason I woke up most of my mornings.  She was there with me for everything and now that she is gone everything is just not gonna be the same anymore.  It just hurts,” said Brittany’s daughter, Znayia Marsh.

Brittany’s mother gave an emotional speech about her daughter, and she also expressed her appreciation for the love and support the community has shown not only to her but to her family as well.

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