Celebration of Life ceremony held for Officer Kennis Croom

Published: Jun. 18, 2022 at 8:25 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Hundreds of people gathered Saturday to honor and celebrate the life of Officer Kennis Croom. Police officers from all over the south came to pay their respects to a fellow brother they had lost. Many people spoke about the life Croom led on and off the police force. Everyone mentioned how Croom led a Christ-like life honoring God in everything he did.

Croom was loved by many out in the community and was seen as a hero that protected the lives of others even if that meant getting into harm’s way. Family members were there to celebrate the amazing life Croom led and the amazing things he did.

“Today, we honor him with praise and worship and an overall celebration of life. This is a terrible situation, a terrible tragedy that happened, but this celebration was a service to commemorate the life that he gave ultimately on June ninth,” said minister, Matthew Beasley.

He left an impact on everyone’s lives, showing what a true man of God he was and showing the love that he had for everyone around him. Not only was Croom an outstanding policeman, but a fantastic man who was full of happiness.

“Kennis was an overall great person, the way he was as a policeman. Those are the same characteristics you can see in his everyday life. So, it was a joy being his friend; it was a joy being in his family, it was a joy having him around,” said family member, Denitra Beasley.

Croom was said to love praise and worship, and praise and worship was a major part of Croom’s celebration of life service this afternoon.

Croom’s body was laid to rest Saturday in his hometown of Tuscaloosa.

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