World Peace Concert held in Meridian

Published: Jun. 19, 2022 at 8:53 PM CDT
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After months of violence, people thought it was time to stand up and look for the peace that is wanted in our community and our nation. People have gathered in Meridian to do just that.

World peace is something everyone strives for, and people are beginning to want that more than ever. Pastor Melvin Cole decided enough was enough and put together an amazing concert to remember those whose lives have been lost to violence. Using praise and worship, people came together to lift their voices to God in search of an answer to this violence.

“We’re remembering what took place in Meridian just recently. Just the other day, a young man, 23 years old got killed on his birthday, so we are remembering him. Remembering people all around the world we’re remembering over in Ukraine just around the world, we’re just trying to bring peace through the music give God the glory but remembering those who have passed on,” said pastor Melvin Cole.

Singers Melvin Cole, The Singing Sisters of Meridian, Pastor Obadiah Clemons and choir, and The Anointed McDonald Sisters all came together to lift their voices in search of peace.

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