Frontline Responders: Melissa Brown

Updated: Jun. 26, 2022 at 6:00 PM CDT
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Melissa Brown has been working at Bedford Care Center in Marion for six years. Prior to that, she worked in retail for 10 years in the cell phone business--but then--found her true calling.

“I was driving home from Jackson and my cousin texted me and said I have the perfect job for you,” said Brown. “I’m like I’m not looking for a job. She said I’ve got the perfect job if you want to do it. I said I’ll just apply and see what happens. It’s like the job picked me. I really didn’t pick it.”

Melissa says she loves her job as one of the Activities Directors at Bedford. She also says her patients often become more like family members.

“They’re my people you know. I look for them and they look for me. It’s a lot to it. It’s a lot of emotion to it, especially when they’re sick or not feeling well.”

And when I asked her what the best part of her job what, there was no hesitation in her answer.

“Miracles. Full-fledged miracles. I saw a man come in in a jerry chair and he rolled himself out of here and went home. It feels good to kind of be the hand and feet you know. It’s what the bible says. Be the hand and feet.”

Melissa Brown. From getting tired of the phones and the calls of the retail world, to finding the calling of being a caregiver to others--and doing it always with that big smile on her face.

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