Revitalization of Philadelphia

Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 6:44 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Economic growth is something all cities work for, and that’s no different in historic downtown Philadelphia.

The downtown area has so much rich history with so many stories to tell. The citizens of Philadelphia recognize the importance of all of this. So they want to bring it back for everyone to enjoy. From dust to gold, the city is seeing growth.

“I mean, I’m honored to be a part of that, and it’s really fun. I mean, it’s super fun to walk around town and see that our little, small town is not dying. It is people like me who are coming back and renovating and opening businesses and trying to make it downtown. You walk around, and it’s fun and lively, and it’s full of life,” said business owner and renovator, Jenny Dabbs.

The buildings that are part of downtown have been there for decades, and they have served the community in many different capacities. Dabbs believes that each of the renovations that she does has value. No matter if the building was once a pharmacy or an old hardware store, she loves getting her hands dirty if that means those walls will talk again.

“My goals when I renovate anything are for it to be historical, use what history I can find in it, use the bones I can find in it, and then make it to this day make it relevant, make it useable, make it updated. But I like for people to have an experience when they walk into the buildings that I renovate,” said Dabbs.

No matter the condition of the buildings, if she sees potential, she will take on the task.

“You couldn’t walk in there. The ceilings were falling down. The floors were rotten. You couldn’t even step ten feet without falling through the floor. But you know, I looked past all of that and said this is going to be great. Everybody thought I was crazy, but I was like, y’all just wait; it’ll be cool,” said Dabbs.

Pretty soon, people are going to be able to have lunch at new restaurants and shop in new stores all across historic downtown Philadelphia.

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