City of Meridian’s Carousel House partially closed to the public

Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 10:51 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - A unique piece of history in the Queen City is partly closed to the public.

The carousel ride in Highland Park has been partially closed since May.

The Dentzel Carousel House was built in 1896 and the City of Meridian purchased the carousel to add this one-of-kind artifact to a very treasured site.

Thomas Adams, the Parks and Recreation Director, with the City of Meridian said a gear in the carousel is broken and they are working to get it fixed.

“Right now, it is not a definite timeline due to the company that has to come and make the adjustments, take the gear off, make the gear and whatnot. So right now, I cannot give you a definite timeline, but it is a top priority for Parks and Rec. to get this done,” said Adams.

Adams talks about the significance of the Carousel House.

“The carousel, the Dentzel Carousel, which it’s called, it is very historic. It was established 1909 and it is one of three in the nation that is still actually standing. It is real historic because Highland Park itself is a historical park. I remember coming here as a young kid visiting the carousel,” said Adams.

Dean Akerman, a Laurel, Mississippi resident, traveled to Meridian to see the Carousel House and hates it was not open.

“Well, I had heard about it before, and this was our big trip just before school starts next week so we wanted to bring the girls to see it. It has been here so many years since the early 1900s and it is so beautiful, I just wish we could get in to see it,” said Akerman.

Another Laurel resident, Becky Ingram, hopes the carousel will reopen soon.

“So, I’ve known about this place, but I have never been able to get here to it until I got my grandchild and friends that wanted to come. I also saw an article, just last week in the Southern Living Magazine about it. I am a little disappointed because we got here, and it’s closed. I didn’t realize they were closed down, but hopefully they will have it up and running soon. We will be back,” said Ingram.

The carousel in Highland Park is the only surviving two-row stationary Dentzel Carousel in the world still in the intact in it’s original house.

The Carousel House is still open for tours but visitors cannot ride the carousel. Visitors are urged to contact the City of Meridian to schedule a tour.

The City of Meridian says in September they will be working to get a preservation grant to continue to restore the carousel.

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