Kemper County remembers fallen sheriff 25 years later

Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 4:35 PM CDT
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KEMPER COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - Twenty-five years ago, Kemper County Sheriff Michael McKee was killed while dealing with a domestic violence call. On Tuesday, family, friends and members of law enforcement gathered at the courthouse in his honor.

It was Aug. 9, 1997 when Sheriff McKee responded to a domestic violence call. He was shot and killed during that incident and his sacrifice has not been forgotten.

“Mike was not supposed to be working. He had actually been to town. He came home, got the call and went,” family member Debbie McKee Myers said.

McKee’s great nephew agrees.

“That’s just the type of guy he was. He was going to take care of things himself if he could,” Trent Myers explained. “He didn’t want to put any of his other deputies in danger or anything like that.”

More than 100 people showed up to pay tribute to the former Kemper County Sheriff. Mckee’s family and friends were in attendance and thankful for the outpouring support.

“I was honored by that. I know our family was,” Trent Myers said. “It’s nice to come back and remember those and all the people that came on a hot day in the middle of the week. To have this many people show up, it tells you what kind of man Mike was.”

The impact McKee had on his nephew is evident. Myers has been a member of law enforcement for 19 years. Through tears Myers told us how much he respected his uncle and how he treated people. Myers vows to continue that legacy.

“I was 15 when Mike was killed and I remember exactly where I was at when we got the call. He was really loved in Kemper County,” Trent Myers said.

“Mike loved his family. He loved his mom and I don’t know a day that went by that he did not called and check on her. He was a real good son,” Debbie Myers added.

Sheriff James Moore said McKee still looks over Kemper County.

“We believe that if you love something and you go be with the Father, then you’re looking down on us. He would want us to continue his legacy,” Moore explained. “That’s every law enforcement officer that passes away. When I saw he’s looking down, he’s looking down on us. Those of us now that are carrying that torch and wearing this badge, we are going to make sure that what he was trying to do in this county continues.”

There’s a memorial monument at the Kemper County Courthouse in honor of McKee.

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