Meridian Manor residents still needing maintenance issues resolved

Meridian Manor residents still want maintenance issues resolved
Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 10:55 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - News 11 returned to Meridian Manor apartments Thursday to speak with more residents about the complex’s long-running maintenance issues that are impacting their daily lives.

News 11 also contacted the Yazoo County Fair and Civic League earlier this week and on Friday as well but the organization declined to comment or give any update as to when the elevator will be fixed.

Residents, there are still upset about the elevator and said they are having other maintenance issues with the building as well.

“We have had a water problem for three years that I have been here. Water comes in my bathroom and my kitchen, two inches deep. I can go in there, be bare footed, and I am walking on water. You know Jesus walked on the water, but I can’t walk on water,” said Leah Motley, a Meridian Manor resident.

Tenants have been without an elevator in the three-story building for about a month and William Thornton is one resident who is feeling the impact.

“I go to physical rehab twice a week and it takes some time for me to get down. Something’s got to be down. Some people are less fortunate than others or in worse situations than others trying to get up and down,” said Thornton.

Dan Griffin is another resident at the complex and he said the blood clots in his legs make it hard for him to use the stairs.

“I need help going up and down these stairs because I am 79 years old. Up and down these stairs with two bad legs and an arm full of grocery is bad,” said Griffin.

Oleshaia McKaee is a personal care assistant in the building and wants the owners to resolve the issues.

“People shouldn’t have to live like this paying their money faithfully. Yazoo City needs to get on their game! Something’s got to be done and I feel like Yazoo City should have been reached out to these tenants, but that let you know that they don’t care about their tenants. I hope the people from Yazoo City hear me because this is directly to the people that own Meridian Manor. Y’all must do something quick,” said McKaee.

News 11 will keep you updated on this developing story.