Fire Prevention Week kicks off

Published: Oct. 10, 2022 at 5:45 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Fire prevention week kicked off Sunday and the Meridian Fire Department is making it a point to ensure families have a plan. Fire Prevention Week focuses on having a plan and getting out.

”Basically, within two minutes a room is going to be fully engulfed,” Meridian’s fire specialist, Rachel Foy, said. “Sometimes I think people forget how fast fires go. Especially, the way houses are built and the furniture we have in there. They way everything is made, it’s more combustible and spreads a lot faster.”

Fire won’t wait. Plan your escape” is this year’s theme. The National Fire Protection Association uses various materials to engage with local children.

“Making sure there are two ways out and that your door and window are easily accessible and not blocking your exit path,” Foy said. “Knowing ahead of time does help people get out more safely. Once you do get out, you are going to one meeting place.”

Foy has been visiting schools to inform the students about fire safety, making sure they know what a firefighter looks like and to always have a plan to escape. Fires happen very quickly and there’s no time to save items, that’s why you focus on your family.

“It’s for everybody to have an escape plan in their homes,” Foy said. “Something that you sit down with your family and go over. That way not everybody is having to run around saying, ‘what do I do?’ You have your plan in place first so everybody is aware of what to do.”

This is the National Fire Protection Association’s 100th year spreading information that saves lives. Smoke detectors are extremely important to have.

“In the city of Meridian, we still have a free smoke alarm installation program. Anyone that lives inside the city limits, can call the fire department and we can get that setup to install them for them,” Foy said.

Fire prevention week continues through Saturday, Oct. 15.