Frontline Responders: Local banker giving back to his community

Updated: Nov. 6, 2022 at 5:00 PM CST
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - News 11 highlights a banker in this week’s Frontline Resonders feature. Neil Henry of Citizens National Bank has been a mentor, coach and financial literacy teacher to young people in his community. This banker spends most of his time at Meridian High School, educating students and athletes on the quality of life they deserve.

“My mom and dad instilled in me and my brother that giving back was very important. It’s not just important for your job, but it’s important for your community because your community is as good as you make it,” said Henry.

Henry has been doing just that, giving back to his community for decades by being involved in multiple non-profit organizations.

“I’ve been asked to participate, to be involved in different organizations. And I love doing it because it makes something good out of it. I believe in trying to help. I believe in trying to serve others. This gives me the platform to do so,“ said Henry.

Through his banking career, Henry was able to teach kids from The Carter Foundation about the importance of financial literacy. He spoke to over 600 male students at Meridian High School.

He also is involved in the Wesley House and the Boys and Girls Club.

“Boys and Girls Club allows me to teach, get involved, and also coach,“ said Henry.

With coaching, Henry pours his heart, time and care into athletes to help guide them on the right track.

“To help them in their life. They’ve got situations they are going through. To be able to be active in their lives and help them, serve them, and give them a positive impact,“ said Henry of his goals in volunteering with youth.

Henry said the reason he is actively involved in school sports is that he saw the impact coaches had on his life.

“I played two sports but played under three Hall of Fame coaches. Those coaches, to me, were my mentors. I look at one specifically, being coach Matt Barnes. He led me to Christ. In a lot of ways he led me to be a young man, and he held me accountable in a lot of ways in my adult life,” said Henry.

Henry said because of Citizens National Bank’s platform in giving back to the community, he believes he will continue to help those in need, as well as help build the next generation of young men and women.

“I think it is important that our generation understand the importance of giving back. Without that, our community suffers and they suffer greatly,” said Henry.