Elves go off the shelves at Neshoba Central Elementary

Published: Dec. 20, 2022 at 4:26 PM CST
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) -These students were shocked as they walked in the school doors this week as the hallways were destroyed by some of Santa’s Elves.  And these students were not very excited when they saw the mess, and some of them even thought they needed a little payback.

“Definitely punishment, “

“When I first saw the signs like you can see over there, well, I said I’m going to write three payback signs and when I was done, gave it to Ms. Potts, and she hangs it up, and it didn’t work.  So I gotta think of something else,” said Haley Melton.

Some students were even prepared for the elves if they came into their own homes.

“I told I told my teacher that I had to make sure the elf only went from the North Pole back to our house and lock, and we locked all our doors after came back,” said Jack Hancock.

But another student had a different outlook on the entire situation.

“I kind of thought they was crazy and awesome.  I sent a note to Santa Clause, and he said that they would do no damage,” said Cruz Killen.

And though the elves did not damage anything, there were still very busy with changing names…… putting trash all over the floors….. and even leaving signs on the walls saying elves rule and kids drool.

The elves might be back tomorrow for one final goodbye as the students head to winter break.