Enterprise High School hosts Career Day

Enterprise hosted their first career day on Wednesday. They had everything from lawyers to telecommunications to physiatrist!
Published: Mar. 2, 2023 at 11:50 AM CST
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Enterprise hosted its first Career Day on Wednesday.

“I am here at Enterprise High School where they are having Career Day. They asked me to talk to them about a broadcasting career, along with a lot of other guys and ladies that are here who are far more equipped at this than I am. But I think that they are enjoying learning about broadcasting. Are you? Ok, see, it was teenage excitement,” said News 11′s Cara Shirley

This was the first Career Day Enterprise has hosted. We spoke with Amber Smith, a 9th grade English 1 and Spanish 1 teacher, who helped in planning this day. The school also had lawyers to telecommunications to psychiatrists.

“We had 18 different professionals here. And everyone was so willing to help. You know, I asked a few. Would you be interested in this Career Day? And there was no hesitation. Absolutely, yes. Students were just leaving and changing classes. I was trying to direct them in the hallways and I heard some, ‘oh, I didn’t know that’s what this did.’ ‘Oh, I didn’t know; that’s what I thought was going to be more doing this’, ‘I thought it was going to be more doing that’. So I think they did learn something from people who are actually in those fields, not just, you know, as teacher telling them this is what you’ll do if you do this, this is what you’ll do if you do this. They heard from people in those careers,” said Smith.

Riley Smith, a senior, hopes to pursue a law degree but was very intrigued when hearing from the psychiatrist.

“Yes ma’am, now he was very interesting. He talked the entire time. He kept my attention and he talked about every field that you could do with the degrees that he got. And he’s really funny as well,” said Smith.

Pryce Bell, also a senior, has his heart set on a broadcasting career.

“I specifically want to go into sports broadcasting,” Bell said. “I have always been really passionate about sports and it was not until recently that I’ve realized I had a knack for writing like in the Clarke County Tribune. And that just made ,me want to really go into the full market for broadcasting and things like that. The goal is TV journalist, like my dream goal, I think, would be ESPN.”

I also spoke with two other students who learned a lot during Career Day. One hopes to pursue a career as an art therapist, and the other wants to work in movies as an artistic producer.

Amber Smith said she hopes to do more career days going forward. She says that if they continue, freshmen who attended today, could sit down with up to 16 different professionals before they graduate high school.

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