Lake’s Taylor Clark is returning better than ever after being sidelined for one year due to a back injury

Lake sophomore, Taylor Clark, returns to the field after being out for a year due to a back...
Lake sophomore, Taylor Clark, returns to the field after being out for a year due to a back injury.(WTOK Sports)
Updated: Mar. 11, 2023 at 6:30 PM CST
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LAKE, Miss. (WTOK) - When the Lady Lake Hornets made their run in the 2022 2A girls softball state championship, there was one piece to their team that they were missing. That piece was Taylor Clark. And there was a time where they did not know if they would ever get her back.

“She’s very determined that she’s not going to give up no matter what life throws at her,” said preschool friend and current teammate Alaina Alford. “And it shows a lot. She’s a good role model for anybody.”

Lake sophomore Taylor Clark checks off all the boxes when it comes to a great student athlete. But when she had to miss the 2022 athletic season, it hurt the Hornets, and Clark.

Alford said, “I was sad for Taylor because she’s like the picture, perfect athlete we all think of, and I know how much she loves sports and she wouldn’t been able to do it. So sitting out a year I know is definitely hard for her.”

Clark was forced to sit out go the 2022 school year athletically due to fluid that was dripping in her spine, which was causing her a lot of pain. The doctors knew she would have a tough battle to get back to being the athlete she is and they did not know if she would even be able to play all four of her sports.

“I’m a big like sports person,” said Clark. “I love it all. And so I was like I. Don’t know if I can. Do that. We’ll see, though. I didn’t want to choose.”

After hours and days of working to get back, Taylor proved that ‘no’ was not going to be an answer she would take. This school year Clark has been able to return to volleyball, cross country, softball and basketball. She’s now back doing it all, even better than before.

Clark said, “I’m glad to be back. You know, it was tough last year, but I love sports. It’s kind of what people know me about, my sports and so I glad I get to be back doing I love.”

“She’s never gonna give up, and that’s what she kind of shows the other teammates as well that,” said head softball coach Zach Hanna. “Your back is going to be against the wall at times, but you got to keep fighting no matter what situation you put in. it’s great to build a coach girl like her.”

When Taylor was fighting to get back there was one thing that kept her motivated; a team picture of the 2021 2A state championship team. She knew she had to get back because her work was not done. On the court, Taylor hit a buzzer beater three pointer at the end of the first quarter against Heidelberg in the state championship game where the Lady Hornets went on to win 67-48.

A girl who was once told, ‘no,’ has made her return and nothing will stop her now.

“That’s the type of person you want to coach, and there’s not many girls like that around,” said coach Hanna.

Clark said, “Just keep working hard and never give up and you know, just keep working.”