FIRST ALERT: Cold Weather Alerts are in effect for the weekend

Published: Mar. 17, 2023 at 7:45 PM CDT
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We are now behind a cold front, and Winter’s Chill is back. It’s going to have a firm grip on us over the weekend as temps will be well below the average. Plan for a cold start to your Saturday with temps in the mid-upper 30s, and the afternoon highs will only reach the mid 50s (highs should be in the low 70s this time of year). Clouds will dominate the sky most of the day, but rain is not expected.


However, the clouds will clear by Sunday morning...allowing temps to fall into the upper 20s. Cold weather alerts are in effect because this type of cold could cause harm to your tender vegetation if you don’t protect them. Unfortunately, it’ll be even colder by Monday morning (which is the first day of spring). Expect a Hard Freeze with temps in the mid-upper 20s for several hours early Monday, and any non-protected vegetation will suffer greatly. During this type of cold, it’s also good to let the pets stay inside, cover any exposed outdoor pipes, let the indoor pipes drip, and for you to use a SAFE heating method (keep space heaters away from anything flammable).

Although the mornings will be frigid Sunday into Monday, the afternoons will bring lots of sunshine...allowing temps to moderate. So, plan for cool low 50s Sunday afternoon and upper 50s Monday afternoon. Tuesday will bring back highs in the 60s, but Wednesday brings back the 70s. From there, Above Average temps are expected through the end of the week.

Our next chance of rain is not until the end of next week.