Frontline Responders: Jackie Therrien

Published: Apr. 30, 2023 at 9:05 PM CDT
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Jackie Therrien has rescued animals in Newton County for over 10 years.

Therrien has always had a heart for animals, but one puppy, in particular, started her rescue journey.

“The family had moved from the house next door and left the dogs there. [My sister] had told me there were three puppies. By the time I got to that house, to check on the puppies, there was one left. That one looked up at me, and when she did, she took my heart. That’s when my husband built the kennel,” said Therrien.

Therrien rescues animals from all over Newton County finding rescues on the side of the road, at local businesses, under bridges, or in pounds.

Much of Therrien’s costs are out-of-pocket. Therrien and her husband have built enclosures and provided shelter for many animals before they find the animals’ forever home.

“I believe God laid it and my husband’s heart. God has given him gifted hands and he built that kennel, and he keeps it up and because of the great need and so many animals, we have added on and added on and added on. So, I do not think we would ever have enough space because it never ends,” said Therrien.

One of Therrien’s rescue’s is now being trained to be a therapy dog in New Jersey. Therrien said rescuing animals is not only her passion but is very rewarding.

“It’s been so many wonderful stories. It makes it all worth it, you know? They all deserve a chance,” said Therrien.

Therrien is starting the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Nena Hammond, Executive Director of the Newton Chamber of Commerce, is hosting Jackie Therrien Rescue Pet Supply Drive. Hammond asks for gift certificates from Walmart, pet supply stores, as well as vets. All pet supplies are needed. Hammond says money can be donated directly to the Newton Chamber of Commerce.