Another cool and damp day for Thursday

Cooler than average and showers for Thursday
Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 6:39 PM CDT
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Upper-level waves of energy are dancing across our region, and it’s leading to an unsettled pattern. So, plan for a continuation of periodic showers for Thursday. However, your morning will be wetter than the afternoon.

Many of you will have to deal with light to moderate rain for your morning commutes and AM activities. Thankfully, severe weather isn’t expected, but rainfall estimates up to 1″ are possible (locally more if your area gets rounds of rain moving over the same areas). By the afternoon, the rain will gradually taper-off into spotty showers that’ll dwindle by dinner time for most areas. Highs will suffer due to cloud & rain cooled air, so plan on highs staying below the average into the low-mid 80s.

Friday, only isolated showers are expected. Highs will climb back to average...reaching around 90 degrees. It’ll be even hotter for Saturday with low 90s, but a cold front will be approaching the area. It’ll bring a few more showers back into our area by Saturday evening and early Sunday as it crosses. Behind the front, it’ll become less humid and some comfy mornings can be expected. You’ll have mornings ranging from upper 50s to low 60s between Monday AM and Wednesday AM.

Next week, make sure you also have sunglasses because lots of sunshine is expected. Highs most days will hover around 90 degrees.