Everything Under The Tree Winners

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Thursday November 24, 2016
Alecia B Fitzsimmons from Meridian, MS


Carolyn D Ford from Meridian, MS
Donna S Robinson from Quitman, MS
Syblev J Smith from Meridian, MS
Elizabeth Moffite from Meridian, MS
Cheryl Keeton from Lisman, AL
Debbie L Adams from Collinsviille, MS
Nancy S McDonald from Meridian, MS
Mary L Griffin from Dekalb, MS
Traci L McKnight from Bailey, MS
Delores D Walker from Union, MS

Friday, November 25, 2016
James L. LaGoy from Collinsville, MS

Kathy S. Koch from Meridian, MS
Linda M. Cook from Livingston, AL
Minnie P. Coleman from Preston, MS
Jacquelyn D. Clay from Meridian, MS
Cynthia G. Baskin from Meridian, MS
Karen K. Harris from Newton, MS
Jerry C. Carpenter from Millry, AL
Penny W. Irby from Meridian, MS
Natara L. Johnson from Butler, AL
Lynn Johnson from Meridian, MS

Monday November 28, 2016
Gregory Gordon from Meridian, MS

Dorothy Peebles from Quitman, MS
Franklin H. Garrett from Toomsuba, MS
Janet Warren from Philadelphia, MS
Carrie A. Holloman from Quitman, MS
Jeanette Hearn from Cuba, AL
Derrick Williams from Butler, AL
Valarie Copeland from Philadelphia, MS
Hazel Benoman from Dekalb, MS
Tracey R. Shoemaker from Hickory, MS
Donna R. Pompa from Meridian, MS

Tuesday November 29, 2016
Tameka S. Burns from Meridian, MS

Beverly Gressett from Bailey, MS
Yolanda Ferrill from Meridian, MS
Lisa R. Bishop from Dekalb, MS
Ginny W. Watkins from Meridian, MS
Susan S. Huey from Collinsville, MS
Sarah W. Federick from Newton, MS
Staci Bolden from Dekalb, MS
Ella M. Cleveland from Decatur, MS
Lekendrick D. Windham from Meridian, MS
Meia S. Murray from Quitman, MS

Wednesday November 30, 2016
Sharon Allen from Meridian, MS

McKesha Collier from Philadelphia, MS
Gina Gordon from Newton, MS
Tammy Thrash from Scooba, MS
James L. Lindsey from Pennington, AL
Richard Pettis from Union, MS
Nancy L. Mizell from Little Rock, MS
Bess A. White from Little Rock, MS
Teney Stowell from Toomsuba, MS
Teketa K. Bonner from Toxey, AL
Ticondria D. Hayes from Quitman, MS

Thursday December 1, 2016
Winner Sara M. Sanborn from Meridian, MS

Jim C. Buckley from Meridian, MS
Howard L. Beeland from Meridian, MS
Carlon D. Jenkins from Meridian, MS
Tammy E. Reed from Toomsuba, MS
Glennie M. Dykes from Quitman, MS
Lori A. Jackson from Collinsville, MS
Waukesha L. Nelson from Livingston, AL
Emmitt L. Johnson from Meridian, MS
Nikki A. Mccain from Gilbertown, AL
Teresa Lynch from Quitman, MS

Friday December 2, 2016
Marsha J. Kidd from Enterprise, MS

Christopher J. Evans from Union, MS
Annie R. Rew from Meridian, MS
Dolly Ramsey from Meridian, MS
Roxanne Shupe from Cuba, AL
Angela L. Evans from Marion, MS
Aaron K. Griffin from Meridian, MS
Chandra Clark from Meridian, MS
Dorothy McQuarter from Lauderdale, MS
Jessica Thrash from Meridian, MS
Carol Tisdale from Lauderdale, MS

Monday December 5, 2016
Deloris T. Trussell from Newton, MS

Sharon R. Wilson from Hickory, MS
Sharon M. Busby from Chunky, MS
Vanessa Payne from Geiger, AL
Amelia C. Johnson from Hickory, MS
Laura Hyche from Meridian, MS
Rose M. Hampton from Meridian, MS
Beverly A. Bonner from Silas, AL
Tom C. Maynor from Meridian, MS
Pamela Rissler from Dekalb, MS
Arthur W. Jones from Little Rock, MS

Tuesday December 6, 2016
Stephanie D. Thomas from Meridian, MS

Jennifer Allen from Porterville, MS
Teresa R. Parker from Union, MS
Lawana Lawson from Meridian, MS
Carey D. President from Ward, AL
Mary Hinton from Quitman, MS
Marilyn C. Faulkner from Meridian, MS
Bill Webster from Meridian, MS
Darlene H. DeWitt from Meridian, MS
James Maske from Little Rock, MS
Michael Davis from Philadelphia, MS

Wednesday December 7, 2016
Rita S. Brookshire from Meridian, MS

Ronny Thomas from Livingston, AL
Cheryl P. Handy from Ward, AL
Venetia D. Ryan from Collinsville, MS
Lawanda M. Clemons from Philadelphia, MS
Samantha Walk-Hunter from Meridian, MS
Suzanne B. Nelson from Meridian, MS
Wanda F. Mayfield from Meridian, MS
Erik J. Fox from Meridian, MS
Vivian Brown from Meridian, MS
Staci Robson from Meridian, MS

December 8, 2016
Grand Prize Winner
Debbie Adams from Collinsville

Super Grand Prize Winner
Suzanne Nelson from Meridian