18th Annual Ham Jam Arts Festival draws large crowd

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The bad weather held off Saturday for the 18th annual Ham Jam in Philadelphia. The festival is held downtown every year bringing in hundreds of festival goers, this year was no different.

Simone Bowler attended the festival. She said the festival has a positive impact on the city's economy.

"I think the festival is great for business and revenue for Philadelphia," Bowler said. "I see a lot of vendors out here and there's a lot of good products for good prices."

Kaylee Griffin said she looks forward to attending the festival every year.

"I've been walking around and shopping ," Griffin said. "Everybody should come out."

Tradition also continued in the form of a mascot. The official pig of Ham Jam "Hammy The Pig" made an appearance at the festival.