Airman returns from deployment and surprises kids at school

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - What started out as a routine gym class at West Lauderdale Elementary School turned into something special for two first grade students.

“We talked with administration and worked everything out so we could help the mom and dad surprise the kids." said Courtney Polk, 1st Grade Teacher at WLES. "We kept it quiet because everyone kept asking them when is your daddy coming home and they said sometime in October but they had no idea so they were completely surprised."

Jason Letkiewicz has been deployed overseas for more than six months with the 380th Air Expeditionary Communications Wing.

“I have been working. I have been over in the desert and the heat and working every day counting down the days until I could come home,” stated Letkiewicz.

Letkiewicz’s wife Holly worked together with the entire staff at West Lauderdale to plan the surprise homecoming for their twins, Jackson and Jacee.

“We just thought it would be neat for the kids to be surprised at school and I think that they would be excited instead of just the normal day,” said Holly Letkiewicz.

The moment both Jackson and Jacee saw their father was priceless. There was not a dry eye in the gym.

“I was so thankful that they had tissue boxes ready because we were all in tears, but it was very special and really sweet, and I was glad to be a part of that,” explained Polk.

Letkiewicz explained that it was tough being far away from his kids while he was out on deployment, but it is slowing sinking in that he is finally home now.

“It was tough, missing them all summer and missing them growing up, but I knew they were in good hands with Holly so I was good and happy,” said Letkiewicz.

As for Jackson and Jacee, they both have plans for the first thing they will do with their dad now that he is back home.

“Jackson wants to play football with him and Jacee want to ride horses with daddy,” explained Letkiewicz.