Shoppers take to the stores on Black Friday

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Black Friday has come to an end and local retailers are saying it was a successful business day for sales.

Black Friday is a time of madness at many major retailers across the country, but at local stores in Meridian, stores saw a lot of good business and offering great deals to area residents.

“Soon as the doors opened we had customers coming in. A lot of ammo, optics and gun sales. Even the Yetis have been really popular again. Everybody is really capitalizing on the start of the holiday season,” Modern Outfitters store manager Matt Espey says.

With sales going on throughout the day at several stores, the streets stayed busy in Meridian. One of the hit items as always is electronics.

"When you buy a car stereo from Hooper’s, it requires installation a lot of times and that’s where we try to offer a very good value to our customers,” Hooper’s general manager Allen Hunt says.

As Christmas approaches everyone is rushing to get gifts for their loved ones right now. Hunt says some wait longer than others.

"People still wait until the last minute to look for those hard to find items or to try to make a decision for people who have everything,” Hunt says.

Espey says people were primarily buying gifts for other people. He says if you still have a few items you need to learn about or see about purchasing, they are more than willing to assist you.

“You might not know the most about a particular firearm, but we will help you out. Just bring in the list and we’ll check it off for you and walk you through it,” Espey says.

Black Friday might be over but some deals will continue through the weekend. If you plan on doing some major Christmas shopping be sure to keep an eye on fluctuating store hours.