Motorists hit the roads during holiday weekend

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Millions are hitting the interstates for the fourth of July weekend. Many are taking advantage of low gas prices around the country.

“We’re taking Interstate 20 to somewhere around Atlanta then 85 up to Charlotte,” motorist Cody Kee says.

The roads are becoming packed as we approach the holiday weekend. Many people taking an extended holiday, which is leading to an extended travel period. Some say gas prices are looking good in Mississippi.

“It’s been fine. The gas prices are not bad. It’s cheaper than Texas, so that’s a good thing,” Roy Barnett says as he travels to Georgia.
“It’s actually pretty good compared to other states. So far the south has the cheapest price for diesel,” Kee says.

Gas prices around Meridian are roughly $1.85. According to, the Average in Mississippi is $1.97. The lowest is $1.74
Law enforcement will be in full force during this holiday weekend. They say their on the lookout for anyone doing something wrong.

“Speeding is always going to be a cause of concern. Of course, with modern technologies, distracted driving is a primary focus,” MHP Sgt. Andy West says.

If you plan on partying it up for the fourth of July, west says to plan ahead.

“If you’re going somewhere that is serving alcohol, then make preparations beforehand. Find a designated driver before you get into that situation,” West says.

Motorists say they are sharing the roads with many others just like them and they want you to be aware of the rules that go with traveling.

“Be thankful. Be mindful of everyone else. Don’t be a pain in the butt in the road. Stay in the left lane or the right hand lane if you’re going slow, left lane is for passing,”Kee says.

According to AAA, 44.2 million people traveling. That’s 1.25 million more than last year. Analysts say this increase is a result of lower gas prices.