First Responders: Volunteer Firefighter Al Davis

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Martin, Miss. (WTOK) - We introduce you to a longtime member of the Martin Fire Department. Al Davis has been a volunteer firefighter for many years and says his passion for serving the community runs deep.

“Just helping the community. Being able to be there for your neighbors,” Davis says."

Al Davis began his role as a volunteer firefighter in the late 80s. He is currently at the Martin Fire Department where he calls home. Davis shares a true passion with those he volunteers with. He says helping those in his own community drives him to be the best he can be.

“We are out here at 2:00 a.m. in the rain sometimes. They aren’t getting paid they are strictly doing it because they want to help people,” Davis says.

Davis says it can be a very difficult position to be in when dealing with an incident involving people you know. In the community of Martin, everyone is familiar with one another, so it does happen.

“When you come up on a wreck and you see that it’s somebody that you know or a relative, that can be very difficult. You just have to put it behind you, don’t think about it and do your job,” Davis says.

Davis says he sees himself continuing in his role of helping others as long as he possibly can. Davis speaks about the great job done by those he’s around. He says they are all together and all a team. He says the Martin fire department is one big family.

“Honestly, everybody in our department works so close together. It is literally an extension of my family. I think of everybody here as my brother and sister. It’s just a great family,” Davis says.

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