U.S. Marshals make drug arrests while searching for Meridian murder suspect

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The U.S. Marshals Service has joined the hunt for a Meridian man wanted for a deadly shooting on 27th Avenue Jan. 27.

In the course of its investigation in the O'Derrick Mosley case, Meridian police Sgt. Dareall Thompson says marshals arrested Santonio Heidelberg, Jr., and Sheritha McCalebb on charges of drug trafficking and accessory after the fact. Heidelberg also faces five counts of felon in possession of a firearm.

“They located a weapon in the vehicle after they made that traffic stop,” Thompson says.

Thompson says consent was given to search a hotel room Heidelberg and McCalebb were staying in.

“They discovered a large amount of marijuana that was inside the room, along with several more weapons,” Thompson says.

The U.S. Marshal’s office became involved in the search for O’Derrick Mosley once police believed he might be crossing over state lines. Thompson says McCalebb and Heidelberg were in contact.

“During their investigation, they learned that these two individuals had been communicating with Mr. Mosley," Thompson says.

Throughout the murder investigation, the Meridian Police Department has repeatedly said anyone who is helping Mosley hide or run from law enforcement will be arrested and charged. Thompson has a message for O’Derrick Mosley.

“If Mr. Mosley can hear us, the best thing to do is turn yourself in. We have reached out to every agency from each state. They are all aware you are a wanted person,” Thompson says.

If you know where Mosley might be located, call Meridian police or the East Mississippi Crimestoppers line at 855-485-TIPS.

Heidelberg has been charged with 1 count of accessory after the fact, 1 count of drug trafficking, 5 counts of felon in possession of a firearm and probation violation. His total bond is $220,000. Heidelberg is currently being held by an outside agency for violating probation.

McCalebb is facing 1 charge of accessory after the fact and 1 count of drug trafficking, with bond set at $120,000.