Local school fighting flu head on

CLARKDALE, Miss/ (WTOK) - Almost 400 kindergarten through 12th grade Clarkdale Attendance Center students were absent Friday. 30 to 50 absences a day is average.

"We noticed a spike Monday, with our student body and with our staff and we put in things to help curtail the flu epidemic we were seeing,” says Principal Ken Hardy.

Hardy says staff and students were doing all they could to keep the school virus free, but when things didn't get better, Hardy and Lauderdale County Superintendent, Dr. John-Mark Cain, decided they needed more help.

"At this point, Dr. Cain and I agree it would be best to have some professionals come in and help with this situation, to break the cycle and get us back to full strength,” says Hardy.

Hardy says the entire school will be cleaned, thoroughly, Saturday and Sunday.

"We have professionals coming in and they are deep cleaning every hard surface and every hallway, every classroom that we have here on campus to prevent the spread of flu,” says Hardy.

Hardy says the deep clean will wipe out flu germs inside the school, but he asks for parents' help preventing its return.

“We need parents to be cognizant of the fact that if their child is sick, on Monday, they do not need to come to school. Killing it here on campus is important, but also not bringing it back on campus is more important,” says Hardy.

Hardy says he hopes to return school attendance back to normal as soon as possible.