Community continues to support Union apartment fire victims

UNION, Miss. (WTOK) - Six families lost everything after a fire destroyed the apartment building they called home, last week.

But on Sunday, they spent the day worshipping, eating and receiving hundreds of donations at Freed N'Deed Ministries.

"I wasn't expecting it. I wasn't going to ask for it. I've always been more of a self-supportive person, but to the people giving us stuff, I’m very thankful for it and I appreciate it,” says Chris Griffith.

Griffith and his girlfriend are just one of the families who lost their home in the fire. Since then, they have been leaning on the help of friends, family and Freed N'Deed Ministries.

"I’ve been able to hold it together. It's not easy, but mainly I’ve been holding it together for my girlfriend. That's first priority and second is trying to get myself back together and rebuild,” says Griffith.

Nell Totten, of Freed N'Deed Ministries organized the day.

Totten says she is sad for the families, but was thrilled to see them smiling today. She says she is proud of the community's efforts to support the families.

"Thank you and that's so little. You know, I’m proud to be from this area. I'm proud to be from Union and proud to be from the Meridian area, because people have really cared. We're family. We're just family and we really care. I've seen that with people that just come in. They just really care about the families who have lost everything,” says Totten.

Freed N'Deed Ministries will continue to take donations for the families until they're taken care of. Now, they're asking for household items.

For more information on donations, contact Nell Totten.