Cleanup Day for local community

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - Impressions are important to Philadelphia Mayor James Young. He says a beautiful city is part of that.

With the help of community leaders, including Young, volunteers dedicated a full day to cleaning up their city.

"Last Saturday was a successful day. A number of men and women helped. Local business men and women got out there. Some of the Aldermen were there and myself. Just being concerned about our community is key. I'm not too good to keep our community clean,” says Young.

Young says the focus was primarily on the busier streets in the area.

"The key thing is, hopefully, we can inspire some people to stop littering. It's a frustrating thing. We have inmate litter pick up probably every day the weather is nice. We picked up almost 100 bags of garbage on some of the main roads,” says Young.

When we spoke to Young earlier this year, he listed a citywide cleanup was one of his goals for 2019. He says it's not just about the litter. He also encourages business owners to spruce up their looks.

"We want you to have a good impression of our city. And litter gives us a bad name. So we're striving to inspire the business owners to paint, fix, clean, as they used to say 'company is coming' and company comes every day,” says Young.

Young says more cleanup days are coming over the next few weeks.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact the Community Development Partnership.