Newton business owners react to new jobs coming

NEWTON, Miss. (WTOK) - The Weir Group is investing $15 million dollars at its Newton ESCO plant and creating 150 new jobs along the way.

Local business owners say an investment in the company is also an investment in the city.

"You know being from a small town, we're right on the interstate, so don't discount as unwilling to do what we need to impact the economy,” says local business owner Aaron Brown.

Aaron Brown, owner of Zach Garvin's, says he grew up in the city and is proud of how much it has grown, particularly through the Weir Group.

"Coming back and owning a business here, I’ve really gotten to know my local economy 10 times more than when I was a child. When the Weir Group took over, we saw an increase of support for the local community,” says Brown.

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Emily Pugh says the new jobs will bring new people, which brings an opportunity for an economic boost.

"We have a lot of job openings that have happened and it's mainly because of big companies like this, coming in and investing in our town. And investing in our town brings more jobs, which brings profit and demand which they're able to pour back into our community,” says Pugh.

Weir's ESCO division is the leading supplier of ground engaging tools for the mining industry.

The expansion is expected to be completed by August 2019.