First Responders: Marion Police Officer Jonathan Anderson

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MARION, Miss. (WTOK) - In our latest First Responders, we head to Marion where we meet an officer who loves the job and has family history on the side of law enforcement. We meet officer Jonathan Anderson.

“It’s just the drive to get out and help the community and give back to them,” Anderson says.

Officer Jonathan Anderson has been with the Mary Ann Police Department for four years who is also an Auxiliary Officer at the Meridian Police Dept.

“It was a good way that I could give back and try to help with some of the issues we’re seeing in the community,” Anderson says.

Being a police officer is something Anderson always wanted to do, but it didn’t start out that way.

“Originally I wanted to be a fireman, but as I got older and got to looking at different aspects, I ended up in the law enforcement side of it. I’ve been enjoying it ever since,” Anderson says.

Anderson is all about community policing. Checking businesses and cruising through the neighborhoods to be seen. Even interacting with children in the neighborhood.

“I might get out and shoot a basketball or throw a football with them. That little time with them could go a long way with their future,” Anderson says.

Anderson’s roots in law enforcement run deep. His uncle was one of the first African American police officers in the city of Meridian. He showed us a photo of his uncle with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Meridian. Anderson’s wife works as a nurse. He has four children, one of which is a Meridian police officer.

“I understand her role and what she sees and she understands mine. We just take it day by day,” Anderson says. “Down the road I see myself continuing to do what I’m doing. Working both jobs, continuing to help people and just trying to make a difference in someone’s life.”

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