Storm cleanup efforts begin in Neshoba County

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - A state of emergency has been declared for Neshoba County after Thursday's storms.

(Photo Source: WTOK-TV)

Friday morning many residents in Neshoba County woke up to damage and destruction. Now, cleanup efforts are beginning.

The sky turned dark just after 4 o'clock in Neshoba County Thursday. Within minutes, a storm of heavy rain and intense winds plowed through the county.

”it all happened pretty quickly. It was here and gone within a minute. Really it just came on so fast, blowing through these trees here. Then I saw the oak tree topple down on my neighbor's house,” said Philadelphia resident William Arnold.

Arnold said he took shelter with another neighbor immediately. It wasn't long before he realized how powerful the storm was.

"It sounded like a train. People say that, you know, but it sounded like a train,” said Arnold.

Massive trees were not even a match for the storm, as winds snapped them, uprooted them, and sent them crushing into people's homes and cars.

Some businesses suffered damage too. The left wall of Neshoba Urgent Care Clinic was ripped out. Hospital CEO Lee McCall is no stranger to severe weather. He said the storm felt all too familiar.

“It’s an eerie feeling, especially being through a tornado before," said McCall. "It definitely sounded similar to one. You could hear the winds whipping through. We were in the stairwell."

McCall said he was very impressed with the way the community has come together in the aftermath, including the work of first responders and volunteers.

"My heart goes out to everyone, especially those who- you know the loss of life, it's a difficult time everyone goes through. Just hang in there. We'll continue to jeep them in our prayers and all I can say is keep praying, stay together and let us know if there is anything we can do,” said McCall.

As for the Urgent Care- Family Medicine Clinic, McCall said beginning Saturday, both practices will temporarily relocate to Neshoba Medical Pavilion on East Hospital Road in Philadelphia.