Lauderdale County lists roads affected by storms

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - Lauderdale County Road Manager Rush Mayatt says only one road remains closed in Lauderdale County due to flooding and that's Charlie Dunn Road. He has released a list of the roads affected by Saturday's storms.

1. Old Highway 11 & 80 - 3 trees down
2. Zero Road - 2 trees down
3. Knox Road - water over the road, had to be closed & was reopened this morning
4. Linton Road - water over the road, had to be temporarily closed.
5. Buntin Gunn Road- water over the road & bridge, had to be closed, reopened this morning
6. Valley Road - tree across road
7. Charlie Dunn Road- culvert blown out
8. State Blvd Extension - tree across the road
9. Kathy Road - tree across road
10. Kewanee Road - tree across road
11. Lizelia Road- tree across road
12. Causeyville Road- tree across road